Immaturity at its fucking finest, dear lord.

Immaturity at its fucking finest, dear lord.

Honestly dude, what the fuck is your problem?

you just wait until when all these people you deem to be ‘attractive’ turn out to be the most boring and uninteresting people you’ve ever met and you’ll realize that it isn’t just about what you see. A relationship, romantic or otherwise, is nothing without interpersonal chemistry.

Yeah, maybe the sex is great.

But do you really know them? Can you talk to them? Do you see yourself with them?

Because good looks only last so long with some people. Eventually muscle turns into fat, and women have children and aren’t blessed with returning to their prior body size.

Peoples preferences on how they look change. You may like blondes, hence why you’re with them but what if they dyed their hair? Would you still be with them?

Sure you would — if you truly had that connection with them. Because a physical relationship is nothing and you can see that.

Find yourself a ride or die. You all deserve that.

Literally all I look at when I’m upset.

Blessed to have this man in my life. Lives in Arizona and makes sure my life is still a priority.

Love of my life.

LMAO this was the world’s strangest conversation let me tell you ..

Reasons why he is my all time favourite individual.

i dont even sleep anymore i just die for a couple hours each day